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What is
Graphic Design?

Graphic Design refers to the skill set that Designer possesses in order to convert plain information into meaningful visuals that are able to communicate the same information but in a more attractive and beautiful manner. Graphic Design consists of many different Sub-Skills like Knowledge in Shapes, Typography, Color, Color Psychology, Layout, Composition, and so on.

Graphic Design is a skill that requires interest more than dedication. If a person has interest in Graphic Design, nobody can show more determination in it than that person. Graphic Design is a magnet that pulls anybody with interest in it. Any such person would want to call him a better Graphic Designer after every Design made by him. He would want to get familiar with all Graphic Design software in the first few weeks but gradually he would realize the importance of the 2 Software that rule the Graphic Design industry, that are, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Any professional Graphic Designer would love to create great designs using as little software as possible. We at Growketers, Chandigarh use the 2 mentioned software in our Design Work. All the designs made by our firm are created using these 2 Design Software only. Adobe Photoshop is used to work on Images, the color correction, adjustments and so on while the same edited Image is then taken to Adobe Illustrator to create Advertising Graphic Designs.


Graphic Design can be taken as a skill, profession, hobby, passion and what not? These terms do not matter to the Designer as long as he can create Graphics that his Client loves and hence finds him to be a great Graphic Designer. 

It is also to be noted that the difference between a Graphic Designer and an effective Graphic Designer is that a Graphic Designer would just create designs that look good. However, an effective Graphic Designer would create designs that not just look good but also work effectively for the Client with respect to the emotions that are required out of the designs, the kind of response that is required out of the design and so on.


A Graphic Designer, after achieving a certain level of Graphic Design skills can choose to work in different ways under the same Profession: Graphic Design. A Graphic Designer can choose whether he wants to open a Graphic Design business or work as an Employee Graphic Designer in a Graphic Design Business. He can choose to have a Graphic Design Channel on Youtube. The same Graphic Designer can also teach Graphic Design and hence charge for the Design Skills that he passes on to other Creative People, helping them become even better Designers. The same Graphic Designer can also choose to work as a Visual Brand Strategist, after a bit deeper knowledge as to what Visual Branding is about. The major chunk of Visual Branding, that is, Graphic Design itself, has already been covered by the person so this can be taken advantage of. The list does not end here. There are countless options available to a Graphic Designer when it comes to choosing the exact manner in which he wishes to earn and advance his career under Graphic Design. 

Graphic Design is a Profession that offers versatile Career Options. A Graphic Designer is a Creative Person with technical skills with reference to the Graphic Design Software that he uses and fundamental skills with reference to the Graphic Design Principles. What is so special about a Graphic Designer is that the skillsthat he possesses can easily help him to shift to similar Professions that require somewhat the same skills. Examples would be Architecture, Interior Design and so on. At Growketers Chandigarh, we take immense pride in hiring people that were previously from other industries but had a lot of interest in Advertising Designs,

Graphic Design is a Skill that is completely Learnable. One can start with zero knowledge of anything that has ever been related to Graphic Design. He does not need to have knowledge of the Graphic Design Software, Design Fundamentals, Design Psychology and so on. All of these are completely learnable. It is also a myth that in order to become a great Graphic Designer, you need to be highly creative since birth. This is a huge myth in the industry of Graphic Design that we are ready to bust! Creativity does not come by birth. Creativity is like Muscle. You train it with a little effort and discomfort and it is soon going to become better with each passing day. Creative Graphic Designers were not Creative since Day 1. They got creative as they kept making more and more designs. With every design made, they explored new ways in which the same Graphic Design software could leverage shapes, colors and what not to make amazing designs. The same Graphic Design Software are used by beginner Graphic Designers and the same are used by the Best Graphic Designers in the world. The difference lies in the Skill Set. All skills that come under Graphic Designer can be learn with time, determination and of course, practice. Here at Growketers Chandigarh, we take immense pride in saying that it is after a lot of practice, a lot of Design Work, a lot of Brain-Storming, that we have reached a certain desirable level of quality of Graphic Design that we are able to provide to our Clients.

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