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2 Month Graphic Design Course

1 Hour Daily - 6:30 am to 7:30 am

Our Designs

Growketers teaches what it knowS best - Graphic Design. Having clients from various industries like Food, Jewelry, Fitness, Beauty, Fashion, Product, Service and so on, Growketers Chandigarh has one of the most beautiful portfolios and skills that it wishes to pass on to each student.

Your Designs

Students come to us with the most common mistakes that any beginner designer is bound to make and goes away with the practices of an advanced Graphic Designer. Software isn't what we spend most of the time teaching. It is Design Skills that we teach which can be lavishly employed even without the software.


Why Growketers?

Growketers lays complete focus on the student's practical design skills, what he learns daily during the course and how he applies the same to his design Projects. Growketers Institute of Design teaches design keeping in mind the skills that the student will require in the future regardless of whether he will look for a design job in a design agency or open up his very own design agency.


Growketers wasn't originally a Graphic Design Institute. Growketers has its roots in Chandigarh with Design Clients from across the country. It works for brands for various industries like Food, Jewelry, Fitness, Beauty, Fashion, Product, Service and so on. 


Having founded and managed Growketers, a successful Digital Marketing and Graphic Design Venture in Chandigarh, our founder has been our guiding force throughout all skillful activities like Content-Writing, Visual Branding, Graphic Design, Psychology behind Marketing words, and so on. Most importantly, despite being the founder of multiple businesses, he emphasizes the need for constant learning in whatever field you are in which is why our team never stops the same beautiful process of learning so it can keep itself and its clients updated with ever-growing knowledge and expertise in the industry that we are in.


Growketers holds the proud vision of providing the largest number of excellent Graphic Designers to the country with skills that they themselves can be proud of. Commerce today is full of designs that the country can't take a lot of pride in. Growketers aims at transforming the level of design that we see daily, be it in newspapers, social media, at the street, at shops, in malls, and where not!

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