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Growketers's 1st Online Graphic Design Course

A 7-Day Extensive Course designed to take an average Designer to the Professional Level.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Use of Abusive Language or obscene actions during the Course will be strictly dealt with. In such a case, Growketers reserves the right to cancel the course of the particular student without even refunding the fee.

2. Activities like recording the course and using it for whatsoever purpose without the permission from the management at Growketers, would invite strict Legal Action.

3. 100% Refund to the best performer will be given only in case of Group Classes provided that the class has more than or equal to 10 students.

4. The performance will be judged on the amount of effort put in during the assignments given everyday, attending each class and so on.

5. The Course fee is non-refundable.

6. All disputes are subject to Chandigarh Jurisdiction only.

7. Growketers reserves the right to make changes in the Date or Timing of the course so that the course is possible for all those who have paid.

Wish you a bright career in Graphic Design :)

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